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Elite British boarding schools, international travel, and brushing shoulders with the Royal Family do not guarantee one's happiness. The Come'ere pulls back the curtain on this privileged world to follow the struggles of a young man, striving for praise from his father, and appreciation and encouragement from his family and peers.


Daniel Thomas invites you on his journey of expectation, courage, and self-discovery as he seeks to fulfil his perceived destiny as well as improve his British social status. With poignancy and humour he perseveres through some serious derailments, accepts life's disappointments, and creatively reinvents himself as challenges and opportunities arise.


Those who are in the midst of career, family, relationship, or even spiritual challenges will relish tracing the path that takes Dan from the remote mountains of North Wales to a small island off the coast of Virginia, a place he finally feels at home. In a life journey from the UK to the US, the author learns that it is ultimately his grit and artistic talents that bring forth his well-deserved self-confidence.

"The Come'ere" From Wales to Chincoteague Island

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